Fortinet FortiGate Voice-80C
Integrated Multi-Threat Security and PBX

FortiGate-Voice-80C 1 Year Hardware Bundle Upgrade - CALL US For Price
1 Year Hardware Bundle Upgrade from 8x5 to 24x7 FortiCare Contract for FortiGate-Voice-80C

FortiGate Voice-80C 8x5 Bundle Subscription Renewal - CALL US For Price
The 8x5 Bundle Subscription renewal includes 8X5 Hardware Return and Replace (3 Days), Firmware Upgrades, 8x5 Enhanced Support, Anti-Virus, IPS, Content Filtering and Anti-Spam.

FortiGate Voice-80C 24x7 Bundle Subscription Renewal - CALL US For Price
The 24x7 Bundle Subscription renewal includes Advanced Hardware Replaceent (Next Business Day), Firmware Upgrades, 24X7 Comprehensive Support, Anti-Virus, IPS, Content Filtering and Anti-Spam.


Integrated Business Gateway

The FortiGate Voice-80C is a multi-function, multi-threat security platform that connects and protects remote and branch offices. It combines the functionality of a multi-threat security gateway, VoIP gateway, IP PBX, router and switch into a single, integrated device.

The FortiGate Voice-80C meets the needs of small, medium, or branch offices to do more without spending more. It delivers integrated data security, VoIP support, and a full-featured PBX, all managed by a single console. By integrating all three technologies, the FortiGate Voice-80C lowers the cost and time required to configure and manage your network security, VoIP security, and PBX functionality.

FortiGate Voice-80C Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated, all-in-one business gateway delivers enterprise-class multi-threat protection and PBX functionality for small businesses, remote locations, and home offices.
  • Lowers infrastructure costs by eliminating need for separate security gateway and PBX devices.
  • Reduces WAN costs by enabling SIP trunking for integrated voice and data communications.
  • Dual WAN links for redundant ISP connections deliver higher availability with load balancing and failover, bringing scalability and reliability to essential data and voice traffic.
  • Switched interfaces eliminate the need for additional networking device, reducing equipment investment and management burden.
  • Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances simplify security management and reduce operating expenses in multiple deployments.

Comprehensive Threat Protection

The FortiGate Voice-80C provides comprehensive threat protection with Fortinet’s unmatched range of enterprise-grade security technologies:

  • Antispam
  • Antivirus/antimalware
  • Application Control
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Dynamic routing
  • Endpoint NAC
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion prevention
  • IPSec VPN
  • SSL traffic inspection
  • Web Filtering

Deployment Flexibility

The eight ports on the FortiGate Voice-80C platform give you the flexibility you need to create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods, and devices. The FortiASIC Content Processor provides acceleration for content-intensive security technologies, such as antivirus/antispyware, ensuring that your security technology does not affect your application and network performance.

Industry Certification:

The four ICSA Labs-certified inspection technologies ensure the industry’s best protection and specifically address many of the requirements put forth by industry and government agencies, such as PCI DSS. ICSA Labs provides industry-recognized credible, independent, 3rd party product assurance for end- users and enterprises.

Features & Benefits:

Features: Benefits:
Integrated data and VoIP security and IP-PBX Enables small and medium businesses, and ROBOs of larger organizations to deploy enterprise-grade voice and data security
High-performance custom hardware FortiASIC-CP6, the latest generation of FortiASIC, accelerates multi-threat functions to ensure security is never a bottleneck
Single device reduces costs Manages all security and PBX functionality from a single console, lowering costs and reducing deployment challenges
Integrated multi-port switch Eliminates the need for external switches, and provides enhanced connectivity options

The FortiGate Product Family: Integrated Multi-Threat Protection

The FortiGate product family provides cost-effective, comprehensive protection against network, content, and application-level threats. It defends your environment from complex, sophisticated attacks without degrading network availability and affecting application performance.

FortiGate platforms combine the purpose-built FortiOS™ security operating system with custom FortiASIC processors and other hardware to provide a comprehensive and high-performance array of security and networking functions.

The FortiGate product family delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, while reducing total cost of ownership. With Fortinet, you deploy the network security you need to protect your intellectual property, preserve the privacy of critical customer information, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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