Fortinet FortiGate 3016B
Unified Threat Management Solutions

Fortinet FortiGate-3016B Firewall - CALL US For Price

Fortinet FortiGate-3016B 8x5 Enhanced Bundle, 1 Year - CALL US For Price
*Includes Hardware Unit, Return and Replace, Firmware Upgrades, 8x5 Enhanced Support, Antivirus, IPS, Web Content Filtering, & Antispam

Fortinet FortiGate-3016B 24x7 Comprehensive Bundle, 1 Year - CALL US For Price
*Includes Hardware Unit, Advanced Hardware Replacement (Next Business Day), Firmware Upgrades, 24X7 Comprehensive Support, Antivirus, IPS, Web Content Filtering, & Antispam


The FortiGate-3016B is the ideal choice for core network or data center multi-segment firewall implementations. It offers sixteen (16) ASIC-accelerated Gigabit Ethernet SFP interfaces, delivering wire-speed firewall and near-wire-speed VPN performance along with improved protection against IP denial of service attacks.

FortiGate-3016B Benefits:

  • Sixteen (16) ASIC-accelerated Gigabit Ethernet SFP interfaces support high-performance internal firewalling implementations for added core network and data center protection.
  • Single-width AMC expansion bay supports Fortinet's expansion modules including accelerated Gigabit Ethernet ports or internal storage for localized logging, archiving and quarantining.
  • Complement or upgrade existing security infrastructure by enabling only the services needed.
  • Segment network by customer, business unit, or any other logical division for more control with optional support for up to 500 virtual domains (VDOMs).
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies minimize single-point failures.
  • Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer integration simplifies security management, reporting, and analysis while reducing operating expenses.
  • FortiGuard Subscription Services deliver automated, real-time, and up-to-date protection against security threats.

High Performance Enterprise Network Security:

FortiGate enterprise security solutions deliver next-generation firewall technology and multi-threat protection integrated into cost-effective security platforms that effectively block blended network threats. Point-product security solutions do not provide protection against a new breed of blended threats that utilize a multitude of attack vectors. Furthermore, assembling an array of point products is costly and requires significant expertise to engineer, maintain and manage. FortiGate solutions cost-effectively deliver complete multi-threat protection against: unauthorized access, intrusion attempts, viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, phishing attempts, spam and other types of content-based and network-based threats.

Industry-Leading Unified Threat Management (UTM):

Fortinet incorporates ICSA Labs-certified UTM functions into a single ASIC-based appliance that is simple to install and manage. Stateful firewall, IPSec and SSL-VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispam, and Web filtering features combine to form a complete enterprise-focused network security platform that offers compelling total cost of ownership.

Key Problems: Solutions:
Holes left open in corporate firewalls for applications are commonly used to attack network resources and users FortiGate appliances prevent successful attacks through commonly allowed applications including: email, web-based applications, instant messaging and VoIP
Remote access threatens the secured perimeter, allowing threats a direct conduit into the private network FortiGate appliances enforce the secure perimeter model by inspecting traffic for network-level and content-left threats after termination of the encrypted tunnel and before being allowed onto the private network
Standalone intrusion prevention products do little to protect networks from the abundance of file-based threats commonly found in email attachments and instant messaging downloads FortiGate appliances intelligently integrate firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, Web filtering, antispam and application controls together for the best threat protection possible
Managing multiple security products and extracting value from the purchases is increasingly difficult in the face of shrinking budgets and dwindling technical resources FortiGate appliances combine essential security technologies into one cost-effective unified solution, which eases strains on resources while also reducing complexity, space and power consumption requirements

Fortinet Multi-Layered Security ServicesFortinet’s Multi-Layered Security Solution:

Fortinet’s multi-layered security solutions efficiently and economically provide an integrated set of security services in a single, easy-to-manage high-performance appliance that is capable of supporting a wide range of deployment scenarios. In addition, FortiGuard Subscription Services include everything from technical support, antivirus updates, antispyware, antispam, and Web content filtering to ensure that your security environment remains current and your corporate resources are protected against the latest blended threats. FortiGate systems come with a one-year limited hardware warranty and 90-day limited software warranty.

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