Fortinet FortiGate 800
Unified Threat Management Solutions

FortiGate-800 - CALL US For Price
Fortinet FortiGate-800 Firewall

Fortinet FortiGate-800 8x5 Enhanced Bundle, 1 Year - CALL US For Price
*Includes Hardware Unit, Return and Replace, Firmware Upgrades, 8x5 Enhanced Support, Antivirus, IPS, Web Content Filtering, & Antispam

Fortinet FortiGate-800 24x7 Comprehensive Bundle, 1 Year - CALL US For Price
*Includes Hardware Unit, Advanced Hardware Replacement (Next Business Day), Firmware Upgrades, 24X7 Comprehensive Support, Antivirus, IPS, Web Content Filtering, & Antispam

Features & Benefits:

Fortinet Unified Security Solutions
All-inclusive, cost-effective security solution Fortinet offers a lower total cost of ownership with the most complete set of functions including: antivirus, intrusion prevention, antispyware, web content filtering, and antispam
Automated updates of antivirus/antispyware and IPS security content Around-the-clock protection against the latest threats. Virus and intrusion encyclopedia covers more than 60,000 different threats
High performance custom hardware The Fortinet FortiASIC delivers superior performance and reliability, ensuring that the security appliance does not become a network bottleneck
Integrated multi-port switch Eliminates the need for external switches and provides enhanced connectivity options
Secure Web UI for easy deployment and management Quick and easy configuration wizard walks administrators through initial setup and graphical user interface offers at-a-glance security event and performance monitoring
Security hardened custom Operating System (OS) Underlying FortiOS is ICSA Labs-certified and offers a comprehensive command-line interface


The FortiGate-800 network security system provides high performance, flexibility, and manageability for mid-size enterprises. Its appliance form factor and ease of configuration allow organizations to quickly deploy any or all of its multi-threat functionality. This makes it ideal as a complement to existing solutions or as an all-in-one security gateway with firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus/antispyware/antimalware and antispam capabilities. The FortiGate-800 appliance features 4 copper Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 or 4 Gigabit Ethernet SPF ports on the 800F) for networks running at gigabit speeds and 4 user-definable 10/100 ports for redundant WAN links, high availability, and multi-zone capabilities. Administrators can easily segment the network into zones (based on department, business unit, customer, or any other network division) with unique security policies for each; while a clustering option supports high-availability applications.

FortiGate-800 Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated, all-in-one security deploys with any mix of security functions enabled to support existing systems and add new functions easily.
  • Ideal for internal security segmentation to provide defense-in-depth protection.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Copper increase deployment flexibility.
  • High availability options ensure network availability.
  • Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances simplify security management and reduce operating expenses.
  • FortiGuard Subscription Services deliver automated, real-time, up-to-date protection against security threats and exploits.

Blended Security Threats:

Network security threats are devastating to enterprise networks. Intellectual property, revenue, customer and company records, and other mission-critical resources are at risk. Unfortunately enterprise networks often lack adequate security solutions much less the human resources to recognize the business risks – that is until the damage is already done. Point-products providing security solutions for specific purposes may provide adequate protection against specific single-threaded threats, however a new breed of blended-threats and attacks utilize a multitude of attack vectors. Furthermore assembling an array of point products is costly and requires significant expertise to engineer, maintain and manage. Most small to medium size businesses cannot afford such overhead, yet should tragedy strike the potential business costs are enormous. Fortunately cost-effective, evergreen multi-threat protection is now available to businesses of any size. The FortiGate-200 through -800 series of advanced security systems integrate all-in-one multi-threat protection into cost-effective plug-n-play security platforms that effectively block today’s blended attacks including intrusion attempts, viruses, worms, phishing, spyware, spam and many other types of malware. The Fortinet FortiGuard® global 24x7 threat detection and update service provides the networking industry’s fastest response time to ensure latest security threats are detected and automatic security updates are available before your business is impacted.

Security Platforms That Meet the Challenge:

FortiGate security platforms are based on Fortinet’s revolutionary FortiASIC Content Processor technology, which enables a comprehensive suite of real-time security solutions while delivering the highest levels of network performance. The FortiGate-200-800 series platforms provide a complete security solution including content inspection firewall, IPSEC and SSL VPN, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, antispam, antivirus, antispyware, and IM and P2P controls that prevent blended attacks, as well as providing integrated traffic shaping functions, making them the most cost effective, convenient and powerful network protection solutions available. In addition, Fortinet’s per-device security subscriptions and turnkey appliance design makes them an affordable and easy-to-manage security solution for small-to-medium enterprises.

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