Fortinet FortiWeb 1000B
Combined Web Application and XML Firewall

The FortiWeb 1000B has been discontinued. If you currently own a FortiWeb-1000B and need to renew your services or subscriptions

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FortiWeb Security Service for FortiWeb-1000B, 1-Year

Fortinet FortiCare 8x5 subscriptions

FortiWeb-1000B FortiCare 8x5, 1-Year Renewal
The FortiCare 8x5 Renewal includes 8x5 Enhanced Support, Return and Replace, Firmware Upgrades, VPN, Traffic Management

Fortinet FortiCare 24x7 subscriptions

FortiWeb-1000B FortiCare 24x7, 1-Year Renewal
The FortiCare 24x7 Renewal includes 24x7 Comprehensive Support, Advanced Hardware Replacement (Next Business Day), Firmware Upgrades, VPN, and Traffic Management

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Inline Reverse Proxy, Transparent, and Offline Deployment Modes Deploy FortiWeb into existing networks without the need for a network-level redesign or changes to web application and network infrastructure
Auto-Learning Security Profiles Discovers the structure and usage pattern of web applications, removes the need for manual configuration of access policies and security profiles
Web Vulnerability Scanner Scans web applications to detect existing vulnerabilities, complementing the Web Application Firewall for PCI DSS section 6.6
Data Leak Prevention Analyzes all outbound traffic alerting/blocking any credit card leakage and information disclosure
PCI DSS Helps organizations meet PCI compliance requirements by providing a comprehensive solution for web application protection

Ultimate Protection and Monitoring for Web Applications

FortiWeb provides flexible and reliable protection by utilizing a range of security modules:

Data Leak Prevention - Extended monitoring and protection for credit card leakage and application information disclosure by tightly monitoring all outbound traffic.

Anti Web Defacement - Unique capabilities for monitoring protected applications for any defacement and ability to automatically and quickly revert to stored version.

HTTP RFC Compliance Validation - FortiWeb blocks any attacks manipulating the HTTP protocol by maintaining strict RFC standards to prevent attacks such as encoding attacks, buffer overflows and other application specific attacks.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessments - Automatically scans and analyzes the protected web applications and detects security weaknesses, potential application known and unknown vulnerabilities to complete a comprehensive solution for PCI DSS.

Auto-Learn Security Profiling - Automatically and dynamically builds a security model of protected applications by continuously monitoring real time user activity. Access outside the baseline can then be alerted or blocked.

Application Layer Vulnerability Protection - Out of the box protection for the most complex attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF and many others. Together with the Auto Learn profiling system and advanced abilities to create rules down to the single application element. FortiWeb provides the ultimate protection from today’s most sophisticated hackers.

FortiGuard - Utilizing Fortinet’s renowned FortiGuard service FortiWeb customers get up to date dynamic protection from the Fortinet® Global Security Research Team, which researches and develops protection against known and potential application security threats.

PCI DSS - Helps organizations meet PCI compliance requirements by providing a comprehensive solution for web application protection.

XML Firewall - Provides an XML firewall capability with schema validation, XML Firewall, IPS and routing capabilities.

Robust, Efficient Implementation and Management

FortiWeb accelerates and simplifies the process of protecting your critical web applications:

Multiple Deployment Options - FortiWeb provides a flexible solution that you can easily introduce into any environment or existing network implementations:
  • Inline Transparent Mode – Layer two bridge that does not require network level redesign
  • Inline Reverse Proxy – Provides additional capabilities such as URL rewrite and advanced routing capabilities
  • Non-Inline Sniffing – Monitors environments with zero network footprint and latency

Authentication Offload - FortiWeb introduces a simple integration with any environment allowing you to offload your web server authentication to the FortiWeb platform while supporting different authentication schemes such as Local, LDAP and NTLM.

High Performance and Availability - With the integration of award winning FortiASIC™ technology, FortiWeb is able to process tens of thousands of web transactions and provide hardware accelerated SSL offload and advanced load balancing capabilities. The high availability mode provides configuration synchronization and allows for a network-level failover in the event of unexpected outage events.

Logging and Reporting - FortiWeb’s extensive and accurate logging capabilities provide you with the specific attack details you need to pinpoint the threat as it happens. Hundreds of out-of-the-box report types allow administrators or auditors to analyze attacks, events, and traffics for regulatory compliance purposes.

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