Fortinet FortiWeb 400B
Web Application Firewall

The FortiWeb 400B has been discontinued. If you currently own a FortiWeb-400B and need to renew your services or subscriptions - CALL US For Price


The FortiWeb-400B provides the application security you need delivered in a cost-effective platform, making it ideal for mid-sized enterprises. With an easy-to-use Web UI and flexible deployment options, the FortiWeb-400 provides a full feature web application firewall that helps you protect against the OWASP Top 10 threats and address PCI DSS requirement 6.6.

FortiWeb-400B Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible deployment options to fit to organizational needs and budget, minimizing service disruptions
  • Secures web applications and protects sensitive database content by blocking threats such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflows, file inclusion, denial of service and cookie poisoning
  • Web vulnerability scanner provides analysis of existing application vulnerabilities complementing web application firewall for PCI DSS.
  • Active/passive high availability support implements full configuration synchronization to ensure availability of applications.
  • Aids in PCI DSS 6.6 compliance by protecting against OWASP top 10 web application vulnerabilities
Web Application Firewall
Web Application Firewall
Secures web applications to help customers meet compliance requirements
Web Vulnerability Scanner
Web Vulnerability Scanner
Scans, analyzes and detects web application vulnerabilities
Application Delivery
Application Delivery
Assures availability and accelerates performance of critical web applications

Need for PCI DSS Compliance

Network security threats have evolved to target web-based applications that are the interface to confidential information stored on back-end databases. In response to major security breaches, the credit card industry created the PCI standards. However, ensuring any web-application is free of vulnerabilities is complicated by the ongoing discovery of new vulnerabilities, patching challenges, code revisions, time-to-market pressures, the inherent difficulty of vulnerability identification, and even access to the application code.

Unmatched Protection for Web Applications

The FortiWeb family of web application firewalls provides specialized, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises, application service providers, and SaaS providers. FortiWeb web application protects your web-based applications and internetfacing data from attack and data loss. Using advanced techniques to provide bidirectional protection against sophisticated threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, FortiWeb platforms help you prevent identity theft, financial fraud and corporate espionage. FortiWeb delivers the technology you need to monitor and enforce government regulations, industry

Accelerate Deployment and Lower Costs

FortiWeb significantly reduces deployment costs by consolidating Web Application Firewall, web traffic acceleration, and application traffic balancing into a single device with no per-user pricing. It drastically reduces the time required to protect your regulated internetfacing data and eases the challenges associated with policy enforcement and regulatory compliance. Its intelligent, application-aware load-balancing and data compression and optimization engine increases application performance, improves resource utilization and application stability while reducing server response times.

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