Fortinet FortiMail 100
Flexible Email Security System to Defend Against Spam and Malicious Content

The FortiMail 100 has been discontinued. If you currently own a FortiMail 100 and need to renew your services or subscriptions

FortiMail-100 1 Year Hardware Bundle Upgrade
1 Year Hardware Bundle Upgrade from 8x5 to 24x7 FortiCare Contract for FortiMail-100

Fortinet Bundle Renewals

FortiMail-100 8x5 Bundle Subscription Renewal, 1 Year
The 8x5 Bundle Subscription renewal includes Return and Replace, Firmware Upgrades, 8x5 Enhanced Support, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam.

FortiMail-100 24x7 Bundle Subscription Renewal, 1 Year
The 24x7 Bundle Subscription renewal includes Advanced Hardware Replacement (Next Business Day), Firmware Upgrades, 24X7 Comprehensive Support, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam.


The FortiMail-100 delivers the complete feature set of the FortiMail family in a cost-effective platform, making it ideal for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) applications. Its all-in-one secure email server capability reduces deployment and operational costs, processing up to 54,000 emails per hour with full antivirus and antispam filtering.

The FortiMail family of secure email appliances provide an effective barrier against the ever-rising volume of spam, maximum protection against sophisticated email attacks, and features designed to facilitate regulatory compliance. FortiMail offers both inbound and outbound scanning, advanced antispam and antivirus filtering capabilities, IP address black/white listing functionality, and extensive quarantine and archiving capabilities. Three deployment modes offer maximum versatility: transparent mode for seamless integration into existing networks with no IP address changes, gateway mode as a proxy MTA for existing email gateways, or full email server functionality for SMBs and remote offices.

FortiMail Benefits:

  • Layered protection (FortiGate + FortiMail) improves email security, separates low-latency perimeter and high-latency email functions for more efficient operation
  • Advanced inspection capabilities and additional IP/antispam filtering functions improves protection against sophisticated email-based threats
  • Stops spam before it consumes mail system and network resources, reducing capital expenditures on email functionality
  • Advanced email content archiving, quarantining, and routing capabilities help achieve regulatory compliance
  • Three modes of operation provide flexible deployment options (Transparent, Gateway, and Server)
  • Turn-key deployment, integrated management, logging and reporting, and fully-automated security updates reduce IT management burden and operational expenses, with no per-user licensing fees

Email is a Mission Critical Business Application

In today’s networks, email is one of the most predominant business communication methods. Unfortunately, email has also become one of the most common vehicles for proliferating blended threats comprised of viruses, worms, spyware and spam. These blended attacks can negatively impact business productivity, cause business downtime and lead to identity theft. In response, companies have leveraged point product security technologies, such as antispam, to patch against single threaded attacks. In addition, legislation has been introduced to ensure that companies comply with security best practices for email archiving that enable forensic and legal audits. Email is a mission critical application for all businesses that must be secured.

Complete Email Security in One Appliance

FortiMail™ is a specialized email security system that provides multi-layered protection against blended threats comprised of spam, viruses, worms and spyware. The FortiMail system relies on a customized operating system that cleans emails through corresponding FortiMail antispam, antivirus and antispyware engines. To ensure up to date email protection, FortiMail relies on Fortinet FortiGuard™ antivirus, antispyware and antispam security subscription services that are powered by a worldwide 24x7 Global Threat Research Team. FortiMail provides unparalleled deployment flexibility and powerful bi-directional email routing, Quality of Service (QoS), virtualization and archiving capabilities with a lower total cost of ownership.

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