Fortinet FortiManager 3000 Appliances
Centralized Management for Fortinet Security Networks

The FortiManager 3000 has been discontinued. If you currently own a FortiManager 3000 and need to renew your services or subscriptions

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FortiManager-3000 FortiCare 8x5, 1-Year Renewal
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FortiManager-3000 FortiCare 24x7, 1-Year Renewal
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The FortiManager family of appliances supply the tools needed to effectively manage any size Fortinet security infrastructure, from a few devices to thousands of appliances and end-point security agents. The appliances provide centralized policy-based provisioning, configuration, and update management for FortiGate, FortiWiFi, and FortiMail appliances, as well as FortiClient end point security agents. They also offer end-to-end network monitoring for added control. FortiManager delivers a lower TCO for Fortinet implementations by minimizing both initial deployment costs and ongoing operating expenses. Managers can control administrative access and simplify policy deployment using role-based administration to define user privileges for specific management domains and functions by aggregating collections of Fortinet appliances and agents into independent management domains. By locally hosting security content updates for managed devices and agents, FortiManager appliances minimize Web filtering rating request response time and maximize network protection.

FortiManager Benefits:

  • Support for up to 4,000 appliances or virtual domains (VDOMs) and 100,000 FortiClient agents from a single appliance for efficient command and control of the largest deployments.
  • Minimizes initial deployment and ongoing operating expenses of Fortinet security infrastructures.
  • Faster provisioning of new devices and agents and management of security policies across groups of assets reduces management burden and operational costs.
  • Detailed revision tracking increases visibility and auditing capabilities.
  • Easily manage complex mesh and star VPN environments.
  • Role as local distribution point for managed assets improves control over security and software updates.
  • Seamless integration with FortiAnalyzer appliances delivers in-depth discovery, analysis, prioritization and reporting of network security events.

FortiManager Key Functional Areas:

FortiManager Key Functional Areas:
Device Manager The Device Manager module enables complete remote configuration and maintenance of a single device or a group of devices with equal effort. Administrators can find device health information, license status and FortiGuard service usage statistics by device or group. Finally, revision tracking, scripting facilities, policy templates and firmware management are all functions of the Device Manager module.
VPN Manager The VPN Module allows simplified VPN deployment, management, and monitoring of FortiGate units, external VPN peers and clients. For added efficiency, traffic profiles, IPSec authentication parameters, IPSec tunnel parameters and custom services can be stored as reusable configuration objects.
Real-Time Monitor The Real-Time Monitor (RTM) module allows administrators to actively monitor the status of large numbers of FortiGate devices at a glance. Included with the RTM module is the ability to apply filter profiles and thresholds individually or to groups of FortiGate devices. Also included are powerful features such as custom alerting and alarming settings with options for email alerts and SNMP message generation.
FortiClient Manager Efficiently manage FortiClient agents with tools designed to relieve the burden of inventory, status and policy management. FortiManager allows administrators to enforce the security policy on all managed assets whether inside or outside the private network.
FortiAnalyzer Integration FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer user interfaces are integrated to provide seamless transitions from device and client management to log analysis and reporting functions.


Administrators maintain complete control of the network security infrastructure with a FortiManager appliance. With a complete FCAPS (Faults, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) toolset, FortiManager appliances assist in environments where security, availability and guaranteed performance are mandated.


Deploying and operating security infrastructure is quick and easy with the FortiManager appliance. Combined with a secure web-based user interface, FortiManager appliances offer not only the power to deploy, but also the ability to easily adapt to new threats and changes in the security policy. Other convenient features include: reusable configuration objects, configurable alerting methods and SNMP support.


FortiManager appliances are available in multiple hardware models to meet network requirements. From one to thousands of devices or agents, FortiManager appliances scale to effectively manage the security infrastructure.

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