Fortinet FortiManager 400C Appliance
Centralized Management for Fortinet Security Networks

Fortinet FortiCare 8x5 Subscriptions - CALL US For Price

FortiManager-400C FortiCare 8x5, 1-Year Renewal
The FortiCare 8x5 Renewal includes 8x5 Enhanced Support, Return and Replace, Firmware Upgrades, VPN, Traffic Management

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FortiManager-400C FortiCare 24x7, 1-Year Renewal
The FortiCare 24x7 Renewal includes 24x7 Comprehensive Support, Advanced Hardware Replacement (Next Business Day), Firmware Upgrades, VPN, and Traffic Management

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Combined Management Modes The new combined mode provides a united workflow that is suitable for users of either mode. We offer this combined management mode for increased flexibility and scalability.
Hierarchical Objects Database Facilitates reuse of common configurations across the organization in both local and global ADOM levels.
Appliance-Based Centralized Management Simplifies the deployment and maintenance associated with the central management solution by eliminating third-party operating systems and hardware requirements.
Automated Device Provisioning / Centralized Policy Configuration Reduces cost of deploying new FortiGate or FortiClient installations and maintain policies across all managed assets.
Role-Based Administration Enables distributed administration, an important requirement for larger organizations.
Policy / Device Auditing Allows you to prove compliance, and track any deviations to the required security policy.
Web Portal SDK JSON-based API allows MSSPs to offer administrative web portals to customers.
FortiManager XML API The FortiManager XML API is a Web Services interface that enables customers to integrate with provisioning systems and automate the configuration of the many devices that FortiManager is capable of managing.

Administrative Domains (ADOMs)
Enables the primary administrator (admin) to create groupings of devices for other administrators to monitor and manage

  • Administrators can manage devices in their geographic location or business division
  • FortiGate devices with multiple VDOMs can be divided among multiple ADOMs
  • Administrative users can only access devices or VDOMs assigned to them
  • The primary admin can access all administrative domains and devices
  • Licenses are available for configuring up to 1000 ADOMs

Hierarchical Objects Database
There are two levels of centralized repositories within FortiManager that house the configuration details of various assets:

  • Create device configuration templates to quickly configure a new Fortinet appliance
  • Within each ADOM, there is a common database of objects shared by all devices and policy packages allowing users to reuse similar configurations among a group of managed assets
  • Using the Global Policy add-on license, a global ADOM can have a global policy and a global database common to all ADOMs in the system

Web Portal SDK
Designed for multi-tenancy applications within a single management platform

  • JSON-based API allows MSSPs to offer administrative web portals to customers
  • Provides an administrative web portal for customers who require some degree of control over their network security management
  • Enables MSSP customers to manage their own SSL-VPN user list and Web Filtering URL filters and categories
  • If configured, customers can also view the firewall policies for their FortiGate device or VDOM

Locally Hosted Security Content
Hosting security content locally allows the administrator greater control over security content updates and provides improved response time for rating databases. Includes support for:

  • Antivirus definition updates
  • Intrusion Prevention updates
  • Vulnerability and Compliance Management updates
  • Web Filtering (select systems)
  • Antispam (select systems)

Unified Management Model
Single, united workflow enables configuration of multiple management components per ADOM:

  • Objects and Dynamic Objects
  • Import and VPN Wizards
  • Device Settings Management including Device Summary & Status, VDOM Synchronization, GUI-based Scripts

FortiManager XML API
The FortiManager XML API is a Web Services interface used to facilitate automation.

  • Private/Public Cloud customers can integrate with provisioning systems.
  • Configure managed FortiGate devices through a Web Services interface.
  • Obtain information, create and run FortiOS CLI scripts on the FortiManager database, and then install the changes on FortiGate units.
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